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But as you and I know, the majority of people are not rational. They are therefore represented by the supposed 'rational guardians' or their political representatives instead. If these are 'corrupted' as they surely are by now, then democracy is in real trouble. Hence the need to fight against tyranny by fighting all forms of inequality, including religious privilege, no matter how small or petty it may appear to anyone and their personal opinion.

A stone cross in a parking lot is tyranny ? What's it doing.........jumping out at passing motorists and forcing them to say hail Mary or something ? Is it wandering into town hall meetings and stirring up religious hatred and calls for public flogging ? Maybe it's part of a secret cabal of stonework that plans to take over the USA ! just sits there and exhibits its peculiar topology. It's dead. Like the people it memorialises.

So....we have a dead piece of stone vs some quite alive 'secularists'. Don't these people have better windmills to chase ?

Again, it's an illegal monument. The harm it does is that it erodes the principle of the separation of the state and constitutional law. It's a marker of property and the cross signifies in everyone's minds that this is Christian property on public turf.

There ought to be no resistance at all to it being moved, and yet, the resistance persists.

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