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I suppose it's because I like puzzles, but I've often thought about ways to get around airport security. There was never any attempt on my part to try it, more of identifying a weakness in the system with the vague idea of contacting the authorities and possibly getting paid for helping them.

Back in the 80's I used to wear steel-toed boots, and realized that I could hide a small gun or knife in my boot, and while the walk-through metal detector would beep, before 911 you could just point to the steel toe, and after a quick test by the handheld metal detector continue on to your flight.

As any high school chemistry teacher knows, there are plenty of chemicals that will react explosively when mixed, so the articles comments about wires, batteries, and matches are completely unnecessary. The only issue is how to keep them separated until you want them to mix, for which there are lots of low tech solutions.

I trust I've been vague enough in my last example, but made my point that a clever terrorist could get around whatever security precautions the TSA cares to put in place. I don't want to be like Rod Serling (of Twilight Zone fame) who had to regret a plane thriller script he wrote as it lead to numerous crank bomb threats.

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