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Hey man, I wasn't contradicting your fact I was somewhat agreeing with you in my example of the Dalai Lama....particularly this bit.... Tibetan Buddhism the Dalai Lama is held by the Tibetan's as a god-king, marking his divine religious role and his head of state political role.

We all know how entwined with politics religious leaders like the Pope are, even more so back through history, to the point of being a tyrant. We all know how a tyrants like Hitler manipulated religious ideology to their own ends.

Apart from the remark about Buddhism not having a god, I was just remarking on the coincidence of the OP and me spending the past week buried in the subject....a week ago I knew nothing about it. We don't have to lock horns on everything ya know SC? To be perfectly honest, I don't like it much.

Anyway....god in Buddhism, read Karma....'cause and effect'....another name for what god does...

The precise nature of rebirth - where one is reborn and in what circumstances - is not controlled by God or gods. Instead, the law of karma - cause and effect - which operates naturally and automatically will determine where and how a thing is reborn.

It's essentially about getting your head straight now will decide on whether you come back as superstar or a slug. Take the doctrines seriously or your peril be upon it. Lot's of rebirth of past guru's, read resurrection. The Dalai Lama is on his 14th resurrection, that's more than Dr. Who.

Another thing I didn't know, Buddhism is, and always has been, a missionary religion.

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