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Thanks everyone for your responses.

I have gained a lot of insight in your comments. It's a shame I noticed so late that this was put up as I figured it wasn't going to be.

To further reiterate what irked me in this case was the keep faith in god and you will be cured messages. (I basically stated that he would be better off placing his faith in the doctors that are looking after him)

Those where what I was challenging more then the well wishes and prayers. I was glad to see that my sentiment was shared by others on the site.

It is funny though that as soon as you challenge those beliefs that some one starts spouting more and more religious nonsense. Almost as if they need to to confirm that they where right in the first place and that we will be convinced once they have said what they want to say....

I think in the future I will challenge more. I think the way I and what I challenged where the ridiculous beliefs not the person. That is the way to go.

@ PSRombi

I wish you all the best and I value your input on this especially.

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