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Comment 16 by Mr DArcy :

Whether churches are taxed or not, the total amount of spending power in society remains the same at any given time. So the Crouchs spend it on private jets etc. , but if the government had it in taxes, what would they spend it on? Cruise missiles? Drones? Social welfare? The private jet manufacturers etc. would be up in arms!

That doesn't pass muster as an argument. Are you kidding?

Here's an illustrative scenario: Megapastor X takes pride in coaxing tithes from elderly Social Security beneficiaries. The 'charity' he actually performs takes the form of political campaign contributions and expenditures for lobbying. In general, tens of thousands of self-appointed "clergy" are actively dodging the tax man, and playing Lord of the Manor to boot. That is, if they are astute enough to have all their ducks in a row.

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