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Comment 9 by gordon :

My pal keeps hammering on about the East and Buddhist teachings, despite being against religions of most kinds. It’s like he gives it a clear pass. Personally it seems to fit into the same sort of woo woo seen elsewhere. There are aspects such as meditation (read cognitive therapy) that are perhaps useful but as soon as the Dali is mentioned I lose it. So often the anti religious here in the West seem to think the East has discovered something mystical that we have missed. I think not. I can’t understand why the rambling of the Dali are even given air time when he arrives at some ‘event’ to offer his views. Seems he only exists to attract Hollywood celebs looking for Karma. As for George Harrison, great singer/musician but what a waste of time his obsession with Buddhism.

Your pal needs to get some facts straight:

meditation is not cognitive therapy

Salvador Dali is not the Dalai Lama

Harrison was interested in Hinduism.


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