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I guess in fairness and in moving the marker of good taste, we can now discriminate on the basis of belief or reason in public, the Christian lady said so. I never figured out her father's popularity, the Republican politicians he convorted with never would be thought of as overly moral such as Richard Nixon.

These people appear because corporate media has decided that the USA is to have a superstitious working class with obedience to a guilt tripping diety and belief that kissing the bottoms of the very wealthy is an economic philosophy. Many believe that in making the wealthy like them, they will grow wealthy and the diety will give the class climbing magically educated children who will live in a world where either Jesus or for some strange reason science will solve things. This lady seems to want to return to a lost vision when a nice woman had a reliable woman to come in and clean the windows.

Religion not only helps keep the working people working, it justifies inheriting power and privilage out of proportion to a democratic government. I like to make money, it is just an out of control system. As Ms. Maddow pointed out I think, we are a democracy where any share holder in the world can buy into American politics.

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