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Most of the Buddhism practiced in the West are the bastardised version made to fit the liberal new age audience. I have the theory that its appeal lies within its malleability and its concessions towards contemporary liberal values, which are just evangelical tactics most new religious would've adopted in order to enter a new market. Early Christianity, for example, was also extremely accommodating to the gentiles.

In Asia, Buddhism has all the trappings of any proper religion & perhaps to the point where it's hilariously tacky. In Taiwan I visited mega temples with Starbucks (serving vegetarian cakes) inside it and the Shaolin temple in China almost became a publicly listed company, run by its "CEO Abbot" who was caught visiting prostitutes (to perform a service for them, as he claimed).

Though they may not appear to be as malevolent as the Catholic Church, I have no doubt that Buddhists are as capable in committing havoc, if given enough power to flaunt.

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