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Comment 14 by JeffVader67

Purely a business decision by Delta as they don't want to be associated with people who insult Christianity, the faith followed by many of their passengers. At the BBC there is a simple rule for being a so called commedian. 1. Slag off Daily Mail readers 2. Repeated use of the F and C word 3. Say things about Christians they wouldn't dare say about a certain other faith

" I hate F%$£"G daily Mail readers, and all Christians are F*&%$£G C$%S " There, now give me a £200000 a year BBC comedy contract.

I don't buy The Daily Mail as last time I looked its content was designed to appeal to bigots, homophobes, little englanders and racists - just my opinion you understand - I liked the sports section though?

The UK has a large constituency of said bigots, homophobes, little englanders and racists and I presume the tone, design, and editorial content of The Dail Mail is as it is in order to sell newspapers to said constituency.

Purely a business decision.

I recall Thatcher using the Mail often as a political mouthpiece as it had a readership of over a million with many of them housewives. A soft target for her monetarist ideology and a business decision that would take her into Number 10.

By the way, I have no objection to people slagging off bigots, homophobes, little englanders or racists - and quite enjoy seeing it being done in a humorous way by comedians.

That said, I watch the BBC quite a lot and can't recall the repeated use of the F and C word? Who are you thinking of?

The BBC has been, unfortunately, ratings led for well over a decade - more like two, and if it was consistantly using comedians who employ the F and C word then it would be as a result of increased viewing figures.

Purely, and sadly, a business decision.

As for your last point, are you suggesting that they - comedians pointing out mysogeny, homophobia, and bigotry - would hold their tongues and think twice if they were physically attacked more often by mysogenic homophobic and bigoted christians?

People like Donahue - and other people of faith - who seek to impose their superstitious and nonsensical views on others (in this case womens health) are fair game in my opinion and should be called out.

Who is being insulted here, JeffVader67? Christianity?

Your post, if you don't mind me saying so, sounds like a letter to The Daily Mail.


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