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Donohue and his cat-lick league are a risible bunch of deluded morons with too much influence.

On the other hand, there is no reason why Delta should continue to pay money to John Stewart and his show if, for any reason, they would rather not. It's not as though Stewart is losing his freedom of speech; nor should the catholics lose theirs.

In iran they do things a bit differently, as we know. The contrast between the two systems could hardly be greater, let's appreciate that. Here's the latest in a series of death fatwas against alleged critics of the worlds most sensitive and easily offended religion :--

The Salman Rushdie of music? Iran calls for killing of ‘apostate’ rap artist.

Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani, a Shi’ite cleric based in the holy Iranian city of Qom, has issued a death sentence against rap artist Shahin Najafi for apostasy, the Persian-language Al Arabiya website reported on Wednesday.

The sentence was issued after Najafi released a controversial song called “Naqi.”

The song sparked a furor among protesters who believe it to be offensive to Imam Naqi, the tenth Imam in Shi’ite Islam.

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