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Comment 21 by JeffVader67

Comment 19 Anvil I seem to have opened up a real can of worms with you!!! Some new and original insults please. Xtians and jebus freaks is so last year!

I wasn't aware I'd insulted you? Or mentioned Xtians or jebus freaks?

I was simply responding to your points as posted.

You're welcome to respond to mine.

The main points were:

(should) comedians (who are) pointing out mysogeny, homophobia, and bigotry (...) hold their tongues and think twice if they were (to be) physically attacked more often by mysogenic homophobic and bigoted christians?

as you seem to suggest.

(and that) People like Donahue - and other people of faith - who seek to impose their superstitious and nonsensical views on others (in this case womens health) are fair game in my opinion and should be called out.

There is nothing last year about outcomes in health care policy being affected by people who believe in magic.

At the bottom of my can of worms was your sweeping statement on both the BBC and swearing in comedy. Neither of which I believe to be justified or indeed true. In my experience the BBC is overly censorious regarding language. With regard to foul language in comedy I'm more concerned with content. I don't believe Jim Davidson swore once in his long and distinguished career - much of it at the BBC.

I might add that I can't see how this is an example of religious privilege. Could someone explain?


ps: If you took my saying "Your post, if you don't mind me saying so, sounds like a letter to The Daily Mail." as insulting, then I apologise. It was typed more with a chuckle than a thrust.

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