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Agree with just about everything said on this thread -- the pragmatic components of the practice we refer to as "buddhism" have existed historically in the context of the religion we refer to as "Buddhism." This secular approach is investigating what that may look like for us atheists and skeptics who utterly lack any kind of inclination to the woo-shackled assertions not in evidence of the supernatural. So, things like rebirth and a perfect enlightement (let alone levitation and other hokum) are set aside until such time as validly controlled and repeatable testing can demonstrate it. We're not holding our breath on that!

Instead, this is looking at how things like meditation may have some value, or how such a practice can be done by those of us who don't particularly like the idea of religious hierarchies and chanting. It's early in this process, and we'll see where our increasingly secular culture finds any benefit to a systematic methodology of training the brain.

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