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My main gripe with the school is the lack of communication, as we had no fore-knowledge of what would happen. We even attended an evening lecture designed to communicate what the children should expect on the trip which included a list of the activities they would be doing. Unfortunately they omitted any reference to the Christian side of the organisation and certainly did not mention any such “Time Out” activities.

Although it is difficult to communicate everything that happens on a camp, camps are generally well organised and programmed and parents should be provided with an itinerary of events. If the school didn't do that, or deliberately omitted telling you about the religious aspect of the camp, then I think you have a legitimate cause for concern. You might have slightly less of a case if the school did give you access to information to Abernethy Trust, and also if your kids attend a religious school (which I'm not sure they do) because then you can expect some sort of devotional time. Anyways, if you feel like the school really misled you, then you should complain.

As for worrying about your kid, 7 days of "Time Out" doesn't make one weak ;)

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