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What has always intrigued me about this whole exploding underpants thing is the perfect timing. I can remember a discussion going on about whether or not it was acceptable to install body scans on airport security stations. There was a lot of talk about privacy and the likes but hey presto there is the ludicrous underwear bomber. Suddenly there is no more need for discussions, the people are frightened again so there is a lot of room for large, costly (who got rich of this one?) solutions, this time in the form of the body scan. It's just too much of a coincidence. (to me at least) And now, after the dust has settled, there is the second underwear bomber. (did you forget about the other one, well they haven't) Maybe it was just too obvious that this couldn't have been one of Osama's boys. He's dead remember. So the CIA admits they infiltrated the network and managed to secure one of their IED's. Wow, they're good. It's almost like James Bond. Shame the whole action hasn't been recorded by one of those reality TV show camera crews.

Come on people, how more obvious can it be?

Thu, 10 May 2012 17:25:26 UTC | #940897