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I'm with Klaasjansch and some others on this.

Hmmn. Let's say you're a firm believer in the nonsense of Islam, and not only a firm believer, but a radical terrorist firm believer. You just know (sorta like Frank Herbert's whole "move without moving", folding space thing....except without the powerful halucinogenics) that if you kill yourself doing the will of Allah (as revealed to you by some other radical terrorist firm believer) you will go immediately to paradise and be doted upon in all ways by 72 dark eyed virgins. Sounds great!

Now, some Mullah or other "holy" man of the patriarchal cult calls upon you to martyr yourself for god (Holy, as in "Holy shit! How can you believe this mung?!"). He hand you a pair of undies with some suspicious looking junk already within and tells you to board an airplane full of infidels and detonate the "package".

I don't care how crazy or deluded one may be, no self-aggrandizing terrorist wanna-be of ANY patriarchal cult on the planet is going to blow off his nut sack to get into the "Mile High, 72 Virgins" club!

This "Fruit o' the Boom!" Spy vs Spy stuff is a fantasy concocted, not by Islamic extremists in the Middle East, but by lock-step fascist extremists in Langley, VA.

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