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"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God, the things that are God's"

This bible passage makes it pretty clear that Jesus would say "pay your taxes... the money came from your government's printing press and therefore originally came from your government, so it's fair for them to ask for some back."

There are alternative explanations of this bible passage that try to subvert the meaning by claiming that "nothing is Caesar's". I've heard the same thing from a pastor... it's not owed to the government, so it doesn't belong to the government. But is it "God's"? We can't prove causation behind any of our possessions coming from God, but it's rather easy to see how it ultimately comes from the government.

Have these churches also posted signs saying that they don't want help from local police and firefighters? Have they claimed that they don't want to be defended by our military? If they're getting government benefits, then they should also pay for them. It's understandable that they shouldn't have to pay if all of their income actually goes to charity (people in need as suggested by the bible) but this isn't your typical modus operandi for churches in the modern age. If churches are making a profit, then arguments for them avoiding taxes are just cases of special pleading.

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