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There was and end of show debate on the face of gang exploitation of white females by some Asian male groups on the This Week program in which Will Self very accurately described Louise Mensch by declaring,

"You don't understand the way in which declivities in peoples thinking works."

in response to her claim that such behaviour is a very small part of a very extreme element of a particularly evil almost non existent minority, which also exists in other groups in society. I got the sense she is either uneducated and out of touch ( which she seems anything but on many issues) or else is vying for a future votership that might compete with the likes of Warsi, Galloway et al. A very sad concession indeed to have to make due the very dirty nature of popularity politics.

I thought Will's vocabulary a very unfortunate face off. The rank and file need more accessible language than this!!! e.g. when a faith with billions of devotees holds as its hero an individual who married a 6 year old and had sex with her aged 9, the slippery slope to considering god will not mind sex at a similar age with the unbelievers is a highly likely one, if not certain!

Even I recall in 1975 being told this by a 13 year old, newly muhammad-id-ified, Muslim who went on to university and beyond. He was very wary of how transparent he could permit himself to be to me - a non-Muslim. He somehow thought me god potential in even sharing this inner code with me. I hope you see the strange marriage between religious thinking and the real world? In spite of this shared inside news even I was an arms length friend worthy of considering reject fodder amidst a world of education in which the Muslim must succeed!

"You cannot be kept from heaven if you have sex with a non Muslim. Quite the opposite. If you have desires charged against your entry into the afterlife you ought not apply them to a Muslim female. This is to risk ones own afterlife. If you have such desires, they should be excised amongst the unbelievers."

Declivities indeed! Sanction more like!

What, if not some delusion about god, can usurp the authority of any law court on Earth in the minds of a freshman to the human race, or indeed one aged, who has long suppressed urges due the oppression of religious dogma that are now doubting oneself and/or ones faith having any validity? The adult world is only too eager to exploit this in its various vices, or to find a "fling" in reaction to a long suspended impotence of the life one is in.

I found it a cruel hilarity that one of the audience had the gall to suggest only "the evil" would resort to such tactic when in fact the "declivities" of the precedent set by its holy hero somehow predict it!

Yes "the evil" would, but only a fool would preclude religion from promoting such an outcome. In most cases it promotes it from within and without. It's a declivity dialogue!

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