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It would appear that religion is repressive and unnatural; quelle surprise! But you mustn't say anything! Shush!

I sent a friend of mine an article by The Hitch entitled "From Abbattobad to Worse" and was accused by her of being either bonkers or a bully, and told to leave her alone; my friend is Catholic, and I'd been attempting, by similar means, to open up a dialogue with her for quite some time; oh, what was that? A pig just flew by!


I don't think we're friends any more, and I'm sorry for it, but it's not my fault.

As I'm setting this down, I'm hearing via BBC Radio Four News that an American General has been telling his troops to wage war on Islam. Oh, joyous tidings!

I'm reliably informed, by Lawrence Krauss no less, that Elizabeth Cornwell has suggested, apropos of the Universe, that, and I may be paraphrasing here, "we're all fucked"; well, as things stand, I happen to think it'll be religion that gets us first.

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