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← Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

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How would these hasidic tossers behave if the abuser was not a jew?

I'll tell you. The shreiking, wailing, gnashing of teeth, the sense of violation, anitisemitic outrage, the feckin' stench would never die away, the very core of jewry would feel beshit and smitten.

But the fucking bastard is one of them and they cannot admit it to outsiders. If one of them tells outsiders of their disgrace then it is he that is the evil doer. If you are one of them, even be you a cathlick, an anglican, a jew, a muslim you have a get out of gaol ticket because you can't be all bad can you and therefore you have to be protected.

Abrahamists and their mental illness about sex are the sickest and most twisted of religions whatever collective pot they piss in they are all fucktards!

Any abrahamists reading this and feel offended? I care not a fart!

Fri, 11 May 2012 08:16:29 UTC | #940982