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I was CofE educated until the age of 11, which was relatively harmless in Britain in the late 70s. I remember distinctly that seeing the "CofE aided" sign outside the school every day made me question the religion that brushed past me from time to time, leading me to "come out" as an atheist at age 12. I also remember going on school/church organised visits which were much less "evangelical" and "committed christian" than they appear to be today, but more just how things were done at the time. I don't remember any happy-clappy woo... Regardless, I don't think you are overreacting and Nurnord's offer to pass this info to the BHA will hopefully bear some fruit. It is important that these encroachments on our liberty are taken seriously, and your post may encourage others who have similar issues to come forward and be counted.

On another note, I now live in France and have 3 children going through the public school system here. Whilst no educational systems are perfect, the overwhelming emphasis on a secular education is refreshing and reassuring and it allows children to concentrate on learning, rather than having to swim against the undercurrent of bronze-age superstition.


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