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"In a case late last year that did not get to the police, a 30-year-old molested a 14-year-old boy in a Jewish ritual bath in Brooklyn, and a rabbi “made the boy apologize to the molester for seducing him,” he said."

Does anyone else find this as mindboggling as I do ?

Vortex, I do not find this mind boggling at all.If you consider the other batshit crazy practices these people carry out on a daily basis: Circumcision. sex with the wife only through a hole in a sheet. the Rabbi inspecting a womens underwear to see if her menstrual cycle has finished and she is now 'pure' again so may sleep in the same room as her husband. little girls aged 3 years old and upwards having to cover their arms heads and legs so not to inflame male desire. wives can only look their husbands in the eye but no other man as it might inflame his desires. women must cover their heads with a wig up to any age as the sight of their hair may inflame a man's desires. the end of general education at 14, with only study of ancient texts allowed after that date. no formal qualifications allowed in any profession. can't switch the light on on Saturdays. no contraception. 613 rules for your everyday existence. medieval fancy dress at all times. There will be more I'm sure, even the secular Israelis are getting pissed off with these people in their own country and are about to remove their ability to dodge work,taxes and military service.If you look at the list of prohibitions and the sort of society and opinions it has spawned you can see just how close to Muslims their phobias are.

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