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Yes, you are overreacting (although I do think the school should have provided a lot moe information), I've been involved in schools in Scotland and have been involved with taking groups to Abernethy Outdoor Centre (and similar places).

Why do you think he is overreacting ?

for the reasons given and that it is stadard practice/policy to have a daily act of worship - so they are not doing anything out of what the school are required to do on a daily basis. KNowing the centre, their "teaching" would fit with the ciriculum and I guess the question should be "was the school happy with what we being talk?" in terms of ciriculum. I think that if he is concerned, simply asking the school this question would be ok. We don't know, the teachers might have been unhappy and taken it up with the centre.

Thirdly, all staff at Abernethy will be CRB checked (enhanced) and generally the group leaders (in this case the school staff) are usually the ones who look after the children outside of the amin activities.

Google tells me CRB = criminal records bureau check. In Australia call this is police check or police records check. They really should make this information more prominent on their web page.

It would be starndard practice in the UK and taken as a given - especially in Scotland. It was due to an incident in SCotland that youth organisations started to take this seriously. It is almost a legal requirement.


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