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Yes, you are overreacting.....First, I think that UK law says that schools must provide a "collective act of worship", I don't see why, if it is the schools responsibility to do that, it should be shelved duringa school activity.

There's a big difference between consenting to your child being allowed to attend a regular "collective act of worship" within the school, and consenting to a 3rd party to preach its particular dogma at your child.

It is easy for a parent to establish the scope and content of a regular religious assembly in the school, and we know these can very often be just singing a few hymns. It is not so easy to establish the scope and content of the religious output from a 3rd party, and in this case it appears that the parents weren't even advised that the Abernethy Trust was a religious organisation, so they had no opportunity to object. Parents should be able to make informed decisions and it appears that they were denied that right in this case.

So what did they teach the kids?

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