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"What has always intrigued me about this whole exploding underpants thing is the perfect timing." Klaasjansch, A very well made point, indeed. The purpose of "security" these days is to keep people in fear, coupled with the regular reminders of just how much danger we are in. I just wonder after exploding water and fizzy drinks how much can we possibly believe is true about ultra-sophisticated undetectable bombs made in basements and dank sheds? Remember a while back when European authorities had the temerity to complain about the mess American security was making of airline travel (nobody throw a hissy fit; I know it works both ways)? Then suddenly printer bombs arrive the next day, all on planes coming through or originating in Europe, Watching the news was like watch a comedy sketch. These planes came from Europe with printers! There are no explosives in the printers. Wait, I mean there are explosives in the printers. We have no pictures of explosives in the printers. Hold on, we do have pictures of explosives in the printers. The pictures of the printers without explosives in them were other printers. Here's an expert to help increase your alarm. Just once, I'd like to see a news anchorperson look into the camera, sigh with frustration and say "Is anyone really believing this bollix?"

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