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I can only imagine how difficult this has been for her. She is lucky that her family still loved her, so many other people lose their families. I am out to my friends and mom, but I still dont have the courage to come out to my dad. Put it this way: My mother's day card (and birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving cards) has actual pieces of bible cut out and taped to the card. It's as if he doesnt trust me to read the verses or something. I want to tell him that I dont believe all his crazy Bible stories, but I am very scared that he wont want to communicate with me anymore. His mom (my g-ma) is dying, I am going to see her very soon, and it just wont be the time. I once dared to comment on a peacock's tail at a petting zoo as being solely for sexual attraction purposes and what a pain it must be to drag around...he went livid insisting to me that it's actual purpose was to "glorify God." I thought it best to be quiet after such a disproportionate emotional response. I also endured several "gay people can be fixed if only they would let God fix them" rants. Four days in Kentucky feels like forever. :(

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