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I rescued some young starlings from a nest in my garage, where they seemed unable to figure out how to fly. And since the door was rarely open, the parents were not always around to teach them much. So I got a ladder, and carefully captured each of three, then carried them outside to a tree across the lane, placing them on a branch. The third one, unfortunately, had gotten one leg tangled in the fibreglas strings in the insulation cover, and in getting him out (I should have gotten scissors) I may have damaged his leg. Anyway, all three were safely deposited in the tree. For the next several days, whenever I walked by that tree, I got a strange, unusual call or greeting from the starlings. "Thanks for saving the kids" perhaps.

My current project is earning the trust of a Killdeer mother, who is sitting on four relatively huge eggs. After repeated passes close by, I can stand within four feet of her, and she tolerates that. I hope to get photos of her babies once they hatch.

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