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I know that Sean Faircloth is one of us, but he just sounds so much like a slimy politician sometimes. Especially when he starts mixing truth and lies.

Over two thousand people turned up at EKU with no advertising! Really? Who'd like to bet if you actually went and looked for it, you'd find quite a lot of advertising? An obscure Republican politician wouldn't get that crowd! They wouldn't need to. They'd just visit a megachurch and get five times the number. 2000 is one half of one tenth of one percent of Kentucky's population. I'm sure it was the good event, but it was not the second coming, nor was it a sign of the second coming, and I wish he would stop pretending it was.

Also, what the heck happens at 9:52? It jumps straight to the washington reason rally mid-sentence.

Sat, 12 May 2012 09:32:35 UTC | #941162