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← "Our Lady of Sorrows (Ariz.) baseball team forfeits state title rather than play against team with a girl"

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Wow, this Lady does have Sorrows...

Maybe they should also change their name. Lady is female isn't it? But anyhoo. I wonder what the little girl thinks about this. "Mom, why won't they play our team? Has it really got to do with me? What did I do, other than be a girl?" Well Paige, they are idiots. Or is there a better answer? Personally I think everyone should be allowed to believe what ever he (or she) wants as long as they do not hurt other people with it. This one crosses the line in that respect.

Actually I think the LoS baseball team was just afraid of loosing but hey, any good excuse will do.

Sat, 12 May 2012 10:00:53 UTC | #941166