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Thanks for the link mmurray I wasn't familiar with the group either. As your link shows, the group is too extreme even for the Catholic church. I'd bet that on both sides these are just kids who want to play baseball. It's sad that the lunatic fringe, even for the RCC, is forcing their delusional hatred, anger and medieval ideas on children.

If others aren't familiar with the group please follow the the link the comment above.

I hope that this is an experience that the children never forget.

For a very short while I posted on the forums at

which has SSPX links. But it quickly made bashing your head against a brick wall look like fun. I did learn though that even though I was an atheist catholic my original baptism had left an indelible mark on my soul. The Catholic god wields an indelible marker pen apparently. Sadly of course many people are left with indelible marks from a Catholic upbringing but in their minds not their souls.


EDIT: For anyone who is keen there is an explanation of some of the Catholic splinter groups here. There are quite a lot of them and it starts to sound like a Life of Brian scene fairly soon.

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