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If the school had been more honest as to the true nature of the Abernethy trust and the activites involved I would have had no hesitation in requesting that my son not take part in the "time out" sessions - after all I have paid for the trip myself. At the end of the day the lack of communication is the real issue, and that as a parent I should not have to request/demand/research all this information from the school. I attended an evening lecture designed to fully communicate the pending trip so they had the perfect opportunity to tell me.

Having children exposed to this kind of religious indoctrination is clearly something that should have been very carefully explained to parents and explicit permission should have been obtained. The fault lies entirely with the school.


I entirely agree. The school should have made it clear. Son of a Muon, I don't know if you are British but, since British society is so generally non-religious, this kind of establishment sounds rather strange and a parent would not expect this from a school trip.

It does make me wonder if the school deliberately failed to mention it. Quite a lot of people would have concerns about sending children off to something, that in British terms, sounds to me rather like a cult.

To fail to mention it is a grave failure. Remember even religious parents might have concerns about sending children off to something run by the wrong kind of religion for them.

It should be raised with the school. They should be made aware that, firstly, it is inappropriate to send children off for religious indoctrination. Just imagine if it was political indoctrination! (Actually, religious indoctrination is often political, they frequently have odd conservative views they want to impart.) Secondly, they should be made aware that some parents object to this kind of mistreatment of their children. If you don't make a fuss it will happen again.

This organisation has a slightly creepy feeling to me. Doing things kids enjoy and then indoctrinating them sounds rather sinister. Do we also know how they regard creationism or discrimination on sex or sexual orientation? These are again political things, in many senses.

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