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I like this. This is great! Sean gives us something what I think the atheist movement has always been lacking, which are rallying point and long term goal.

From watching the video, I get the sense that Sean wanted us to beat the theists by beating them in their own game. The moment I heard that, 2 things popped into my mind.

  1. Is he asking us to fight fire with fire?

  2. does the end justify the mean?

Then, I started to think.

The idea that we have to resort to the church's dirty tactics repulses me, but I cannot deny that they're very effective. We have tried to appeal to reason and educate the people, but all we're doing is fighting a defensive fight while the religious are constantly on the offensive. We can repel them once, twice, and even for many more times, but if we don't do anything, they may eventually get lucky, once twice and perhaps a few more times until our rights are shredded into pieces.

Often, the best defence is offence. So, to prevent the theocrats from taking over, the most logical strategy at this point in time is to launch a counterattack. Sure, there is always a better way, the perfect way of solving a problem, however, until someone can figure out what that is, we should rely on the best course of action before it's too late.

I know that there are many other people who hates the church or may have left the church exactly because they've seen those tactics at work. I think that it's fair for them to disagree, but I know that including myself there would be many others who thinks that that the proposed mean is not unjustifiable.

What I am actually worried about is the future of the movement. After entering the political battleground, there might not be a way out. It also raises the potential for the abuse of power.

Right now, the secular movement is made up a coalition of people and organisations who believes that there should be separation between church & state, they may not even agree whether god exists or not. To prevent power struggle, disunity and potential abuse of power, I think there must be an exit strategy planned in advance so that no party is shortchanged once the objective is achieved.

Though I don't think that we could ever claim that "Mission Accomplished", we have to be able to let go. While I am an atheist myself, I do not want to see atheists become a permanent political fixture.

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