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Let's not be railroaded or divided by personality differences. Yes, Sean was/is a politician, lawyer, lobbyist. Richard was a professor. I am a designer. Other atheists are working scientists, teachers, computer engineers...maybe unemployed. A few are possibly pimply faced teenagers. Some of us are buttoned up, while others are heavily tattooed. Atheists have diverse personalities and come from a variety of backgrounds. (Although most are middle-aged men which is another conversation.) As more people realize the reality of a secular society, a more diverse group will emerge. A growing atheist population is our youth. Consider the diversity within that group itself. Sean may not appeal to everyone, nor is it required. The more active people become, the more easily people can be drawn to someone with a similar temperament, life goals, outlook, etc.

I recall commenting( a few years ago) how I felt (and still do) that the atheist movement was "all head" and "no heart." I got slammed on other sites for my views, but since then a softer side is slowly emerging. Consider the podcast "Living After Faith." Rich Lyons jumped in and filled a need to help people whose lives have been poisoned by religion. He does not debate, but talks about his own life. By doing this, he gives others the '"permission" to open up and move towards healing. At times, we know we need something, but unless someone stands up to be an example, others who are similar will question themselves and remain silent. Sometimes that silence covers up pain, conflict, and a desire to live differently.

What good is a movement with only a head? It needs hearts, hands, legs, a spine... One person cannot be all these things, which is why more people need to contribute in any way that they can. Ultimately, I think this is what Sean and the RDF would like to see happen.

People will point finger, complain, and act immaturely, but there is a bigger animal to skin here, let's not stoop to the level of small mindedness.

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