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Comment 9 by sean faircloth :

adiroth. I suggest that we reject dirty tactics and engage in clean tactics which, in the long run, will be more effective. We should organize, and we should tell the truth -- persuasively.

It's probably just my personal thing, I'm allergic to idea of any serious amount of money spent to promote an issue or drive a certain point. Maybe I'm just jaded after moving into the advertising industry for over a year. It is perfectly possible to communicate facts to one's advantage, but I guess we all have different degree of persuasive flair we are comfortable with using. What I consider unfair, may be perfectly legit to others.

Using memes and appeals to emotions are usually associated with logical fallacies, but it does not mean that everybody else are pedants like me, especially the intended audience of the message. If they think basing their judgement on emotion is acceptable, then is it exploitative for us to capitalise on that or are we just addressing their concern?

Sun, 13 May 2012 01:35:18 UTC | #941249