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Let me get this straight. Since other people use name-calling as a tactic, you're willing to cut ANTIcarrot some slack for insinuating that Sean Faircloth is somehow "slimy"???

No, what I was suggesting was that if Sean's reaction, some might say overreaction, to ANTIcarrot's comment is anything to go by, he'll be eaten alive if, in about thirty years' time when Richard starts to think about beginning to consider possibly retiring, Sean inherits the mantle of go-to atheist and has to deal with people like O'Reilly and Coulter; people who have turned being hostile and insulting into an art form.

Because try as I might I just can't see Richard, or for that matter the late Christopher Hitchens, responding as Sean did at no.4; even if the former was jet-lagged and the latter was in a grump.

Then again, I'm starting to think that my comment may have just been in response to all the ass-kissy stuff that has me reaching for the Pepto. I don't even know anymore.

Are there any other pearls of wisdom and reason you wish to share on the Clear-Thinking Oasis?

I'm happy to do anything which might help to clear things up for any duller-witted member of this site who isn't able to distinguish between a suggestion that someone sounds like a slimy politician and an accusation that someone is slimy (or indeed that there's a fine line between name-calling and sarcasm); but I'm afraid it may be a case of casting pearls before swine.

And don't eat yellow snow.

Sun, 13 May 2012 06:52:08 UTC | #941258