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Comment 21 by Alan4discussion :

But seriously! If this outfit won't play teams with girls, there is an easy option for any team who wants to knock them out of a competition.

That's actually a move all other teams should be encouraged to make. It would be wonderful to make the bigot school team choke on their own stupidity. Afterwards, perhaps their social science class could compare the situation to certain nations oppressing women and learn where societies end up if they insist on wasting 50% of the talent of their people.

I realize no sports team wants to win on a forfeit, but if I were the coach of one the other teams, I would have considered refusing to play a team representing such medieval sexist attitudes. Would they play an overtly racist team? The only sad thing about this forfeit is there are innocent kids involved.

Sun, 13 May 2012 16:28:09 UTC | #941295