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This is Sean. This video offers specific action steps -- for you. Here's my question: Will you take action? Will you look at the list of action steps and help? Right now. Make suggestions. Be creative. We can achieve´╗┐ these goals if we organize now and collaborate. Anonymous people who make illogical or false statements may get a response. I quite publicly identify myself. I find the intellectual level of internet discourse is degraded by the temptation to engage in anonymous screeching that people would hesitate to offer if they identified themselves. I say come out come out -- as I have. I stand by my words by name, and take all comers. When, and if, I have time, I will confront anonymous illogical people.

So back to my question: Will people help with specific action steps, like those I describe in the video? I stand ready to debate and discuss HOW we move forward, but the discussion should be about action. Action now. Those who take action are the people who will create a secular society.

Sun, 13 May 2012 20:37:47 UTC | #941311