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Dear ZenD comment2. In the UK they are called 'a parliament of crows'.
" . . . . and others might get nasty and chase them away." So true!

Crow hired for security purposes to attack vandals

A specially trained Crow has been hired by Uddingston Cricket Club in the lead up to the two CB40 games on May 13 and 20. The black Hooded Crow (Corvidae Corvus) has been trained to swoop and if necessary, violently peck any vandals that enter the premises. The Crow, trained by the RWB (Royal Welsh Brigade) in Capil Curig North Wales, has already taken up residence on the frame of the new practice nets (pictured).

Stunned residents saw the stealth like crow in action yesterday, as it launched a vicious, sustained attack on an unsuspecting high school ned, who had tried to climb up the net to impress his mates. The individual was carried away by his mates, leaving a pool of blood on the grass where the crow had inflicted the nasty damage. The crown has also been trained to attack hooded teenagers, dogs, dog walkers and pigeons.

Speaking about the crow, club president Jim Lockhart said, "We approached the Specialist Defence Bird Training Brigade in North Wales a few weeks back and they were happy to help out. It will ensure that the grounds are kept safe from unruly individuals in the lead up to the CB40 games."

The Crow will be at the grounds until Monday, May 21 for anyone wanting to see it in action.

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