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Instead of just talking about it, we as individuals can actually DO something about it by controlling and acting on those things within our influence. Lead by example, don't just preach. If you have a point and can get it across, others will emulate what you are doing.

Abdicating responsibility to politicians, expecting them to take responsibility for progress is a waste of time. They only cater to the lowest common denominator in order to get reelected..

Over the past two years, rather than just preach change, I've actually taken the "bull by the horns", formed a company with like minded individuals, initiated R&D on some ideas, patented the technology, and by year end will have brought the technology to market- basically a renewable liquid fuel based on non food products able to compete with conventional Oil and gas in the market place. If I can do it, so can all you geniuses out there. So get off your duffs and put your ideas into practise, instead of just talking about them- expose them to the real world where they will be exposed to a true Darwinian challenge- competing to survive. jcw

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