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Now to the political question:

We each may have various myth stories about how humans came to exist and it is these and the myth leader whom we reserve the rights to insist be respected by everyone, at least in law, insofar as that leaders wishes be considered worthy of breaching any legal code due the myth trumping all reason.

Myth is quite obviously a higher power than the human mind. We must preserve the right to defer to it and also for others to tolerate this to an extent they support it in various ways that afford it priorities, otherwise considered elitist and unequal.

If you do not acknowledge this we will consult the myth leaders books of anti myth and mobilize large numbers of people until such times as you do acknowledge myth.

And remember, we will not state this, but our motivation is entirely born out of the position that our myth is superior to all alternative thought systems. This is the agenda behind all agendas!

Myth is our politics. We simply tolerate the secularist as temporary "archenemy" obstructions that we eventually will overthrow, beyond the course of our lifetimes. This is our meme for myth dominance.

Science has no fraternal infrastructures.

Fraternities are old and resilient. In fact neither do we require reason; simply to take and to not be taken. To out-replicate the non-similar others. No reason will gain you leverage. Fraternities detest reason at many levels. We refuse to explain this. This is why we are fraternities. Discarding all reason is our primary survival meme. In fact it is hardly a construct for the human mind. Sad for you if you have one, is about as good as fraternities are able to "eye signal" on this issue - because speaking about this is another area we avoid.

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