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I have not personally read Waleed's work, but drawing from Russel's post, I get the impression that Waleed perceives democracy to be nothing more than a process where self-interested individuals and parties jostle for the chance to stand on the hill and call the shots. I won't blame him for thinking that, because that's what democracy has been reduced to nowadays anyway. However, his perception raises the question whether he honestly believes in democracy at all. Because that idea of democracy is the very definition of mob rule, the criticism Socrates levelled at democracy.

If he thinks that democracy is just a battle ground for self-interested parties to push their selfish idea through, then it is consistent with his low regards for separation of church & state. To promote one's own religion is a manifestation of self-interest. Thus, following that line of thought, banning religion is the same as banning self-interest in a war of promoting your self-interest.

Conversely, if he sees democracy as a form of government where different group of people have different opinions on how the government should be run to benefit everyone regardless of their vested interest, then he would definitely see why the separation of church & state makes sense.

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