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@Comment 12 by Starcrash

The vast majority of the world is religious. The vast majority of the world is not "gullible and stupid"

I am in agreement with you here.I think people are choosing to suspend their critical faculties in order to believe what is comforting to them.Over what is true.

I just watched a YouTube debate it was a 2v2 format all four participants seemed normal (not nutters) you wouldn't worry if they sat next to you on the bus.Yet two of them were arguing that the world the universe and everything can be explained by an invisible magic being.

The atheist side say's show me what you base this on the theist side talks a lot but has nothing, zip,bugger all not a leg to stand on.But it hasn't fallen over yet.What is keeping it up?

Mon, 14 May 2012 08:50:36 UTC | #941364