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Comment 8 by Vorlund

Were the anglican church no more than a tea and cake appreciation society we'd have a lot more to fear from the bishops sitting in the house of lords.

If the quo remained is stasis that is a good point.

But with the imminent departure of 'Catweazle' I rather think what we will get will be far more evangelistic hoot and hollerin' and much more grief with creationism its purest incarnation.

The opportunities to push the agenda of some fringe and a couple of senior clerics will not be missed...scuttlebutt has it that at least one of the two horses in the race has but overwhelming sympathy for the bollix Genesis, and such a wide open goal happens no more then once a decade and mostly a lot less. Certainly it appears there will be no resolution of the 'teh ghey marriage' and female clergy debate. A fact that Rowan seems to have concluded after spending his entirety as A of C trying to get coherent.

Methinks there will be a rather different Anglican church that this way cometh...and not as a vast improvement on the traditional 'tea and cake vicar' we have all come to so readily identify.

Ahh! yes the stench of schism hangs heavy in the censored air! .

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