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As an aside, should we be concerned about initiatives such as “Celebration of a New Life Phase”? I can't help but feel that countries that are naturally atheistic (i.e. those which have not had ridiculous beliefs forced on children) are not innoculated (to use the disease analogy) against the nonsense spewed by such people. In Ireland for example, most people are not devoutly religious but will claim to be Catholic. I live in a country where 93% of people are Catholic but only 72% believe in God (how's that work?). In any case, this mild Catholicism, while abhorrent puts me in mind of a cowpox that gives some immunity to the more dangerous smallpox of evangelicalism. East Germany etc. does not have this innoculation and so I feel we concentrate some of our efforts there. Something of a shoring up the base may be in order before we find ourselves swamped by nonsense in formerly rational lands. Prevention is the best cure.

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