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It can be blindingly frustrating to discuss these things with any sense of decency or intelligence, I might add to the article. As Dawkins mentioned several times about talking with creationists..."they just won't listen."

I just recently finished a comparative religions course down here in Arizona, and one of the discussions during the semester was over our "Christian" heritage. The professor very clearly spelled out the reasons why this country was NOT founded on Christianity, although she was careful to admit that Christian influences have always played a large role in our society. Only four students in the class were not Christian, so as you can imagine, this didn't go over well.

Despite the woman's doctorate in History and Master's in religious studies, first- and second-year college students insisted that she didn't know what she was talking about, and she had been 'duped' and 'brainwashed.' Incredible.

How can you talk with people that simply refuse to accept the truth? When I rather casually pointed out that if the founders wanted a Christian nation, our founding documents would have at least some mention of the Bible or Jesus, as well as a stipulation that serving politicians must be Christian...the other students simply ignored that obviously glaring flaw in their reasoning and simply pulled another Founder quote out of thin air that they insisted 'showed' he was Christian.

So many Christians just simply WANT to believe this myth, irregardless of truth. It is really hard to get around that mental block.

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