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I think this an insult to any 21st century thinking persons access to information.

What does it actually represent?

All I can think is that in order for ANY thinking person to truthfully support such a statement, they absolutely and without question need to disable all their thinking faculties to preserve any degree of credulity.

Bless the police for preserving the law.

Bless the religions that insist on their own laws that actually break the laws the police are upholding.

Pretend Jesus is a human born of non human semen.

Pretend Muhammad is of non human origin, thus usurping Jesus role, and to boot, condoning sex under 10 years of age along with other musings.

Don't forget that Jesus must be preserved as being superior to Muhammad but also the reverse!

Include all kinds of other claims, about dictatorial sky riders, as valid "faiths". i.e. disrespect reason and logic ipso facto. Due process is ill logic!

Support each set of wild assertions as if each were divine and utterly inconsistent with each other yet wholly consistent ( a kind of three in one contradiction now made worse due other faiths getting in on the belief real estate).

Defender of Faith reduces to "Estate Agent for Belief" - Whatever is on the market is for sale - apart from being reasonable and valid!

Sense or sensibility indeed?

It is tragic, I think, that The Queen must submit and resign herself to such fallacious gambling upon the common mindset. Moreover that the multitudes of sufferings this induces in the present population and the yet unborn have therefore to be repeated ad nauseum. I see this as an enslavement to a cruelty from which a leader has no way of escape. It is a putting up with the ridiculous and the bully in order to ridicule the rational and sincere minded. It is detestable to me!

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