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As far as I am concerned she can be head of any organisation she wishes, whether actively or in an honourable role.She can be Grand Poobah of the Honourable company of biscuit menders if she wants.What is at issue here is the continuance of the ridiculous situation of a proscribed belief system for the country.Which incidentally was only set up by Henry VIII, so that he could divorce Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn.It was a purely political act based upon Henry's sexual appetite and wanting to tell the then Pope where to go.Why,some 450 years later we are still tolerating this nonsense is simply beyond me.The point raised by 'Mary's Vibrator' in comment 1 is actually a bit too close for comfort to what the Tories are considering:that is the inclusion of other clerics,such as the chief Imam and the chief Rabbi in the Lords to add to the already existing 26 anglican bishops!

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