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← Queen 'should remain Defender of the Faith' - BBC poll

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Comment 9 by Mark Jones

I don't think 'poll rig' is a fair comment

Possibly not...but any poll can be.....manipulated to a degree!

The obvious flaw being you the folks asked actually understand the question posed?

It seems more a spat over should 'Defender of the faith' or 'Supreme Governor of the Church of England' be the preferred titles? Not so much as 'should the queen still represent the national religion!'

Subtle difference wide open to misinterpretation. i wonder if maybe a little tacit ground preparation in under way here for a possible schism in the C of E...otherwise it is a totally pointless poll and a mute point for the majority of the UK!

Tue, 15 May 2012 11:50:07 UTC | #941571