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There have been many polls that show the monarchy does not enjoy an eighty percent popularity so I can only assume this poll is basically BS. I can see the logic of the monarchy wanting to stay as part of the church which historically they set up.

given that the official position of the CofE is that the Queen is 'anointed of God' it would be removing one of the chief reasons for their existence if they were separated from the church. All that would be left is the crazy idea, which you hear repeated like a mantra, that tourism would cease if the monarchy was disbanded.

Sadly, given the success of a recent PR drive by Windsor plc and a unilateral failure on the part of the British media to do anything but brain wash the populace in this Jubilee year I don't see that happening in my lifetime. It is odd though that it is socially acceptable in Britain now to be an Atheist but not a republican...

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