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← Norway abolishes state sponsored Church of Norway

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The constitution no longer states that Norway is a Lutheran state, and the demand for a majority of Church members in the cabinet are abolished. Improvements, yes, but that's about it.

The Norwegian Church keep all its privileges. It will still be 100% financed by Norwegian tax payers, members or not. It's clergy will still be government officials, but no longer appointed by the government. There will still be a minister for Church's affairs in the cabinet. The birth register will still report to the Church, and every newborn where one parent is member of the Church will automatic be registered as "belonging" to the Church, and stay in it's registers to age 18 if they haven't been baptised and become full members, or have been registered as member of another denominational society.

Tue, 15 May 2012 18:10:11 UTC | #941652