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Comment 15 by Billions and Billions :

With 72% not believing in God, I'm surprised that it took this long to abolish it.

Good to see reason gaining leverage. Pity it is not far more something we all see on a global scale.

Since when has being part of the majority population stopped one from being chained to the deck? A slave ship worked on minimum power to maximum slave ratio.

Religion still holds many of the chains. And the problem still exists where others are waiting to get their hands on them. Religion, despite it being myth, hangs on to all sorts of unwarranted power.

The enslavement of minds and bullying in general are what those with all the affluence are often seeking to reinforce. This alone makes it less viable to construct any reason based teamwork solutions. It's as if the rules of fair play have long been discarded and the likelihood of succeeding without similar cheating strategies has been reduced to nothing. Transparency seems the least viable thing on everyones lips. Everyone is running scared of being double crossed simply for being true to themselves. Corruption is having a marvelous time of itself. Those who function through it must feel very much at home.

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